Saturday afternoon Mindful walks in January and February.

Mindfulness is good for your well-being. Combining the practices of walking, mindfulness and immersing ourselves in nature is very good for your well-being.

We’ll be taking part in Belfast City Council’s ‘Take 5′ campaign which is aimed at our emotional resilience, well-being and mental health. In January and February many of us suffer from the January blues. So why not join us on one of five special Mindful walks offered as part of the ‘Take 5′ campaign. Here are the details of walks covering all parts of Belfast and offered on Saturdays.


Date          Location                  Time

17/01/15        Falls Park (meet at the entrance on the Fall’s Road, opposite the Texaco garage) 12.00pm

24/01/15        Victoria Park  12.00pm (meet at the car park by the foot bridge).

31/01/15        Woodvale Park  12.00pm (meet at the main entrance to Woodvale Park on the Woodvale Road).

07/02/15        Ormeau Park     12.00pm

14/02/15        Waterworks Park 12.00pm

For more info on the ‘Take 5’ campaign follow the link:

“Smile, breathe and go slowly”
Thich Nhat Hanh


6 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon Mindful walks in January and February.

    • Hi Phyllis. Whilst the majority of the walks are on flat ground they would not all be suitable for wheel chairs or even crutches. Maybe let me know your specific needs and I’ll be able to offer more specific info for each walk. Sorry for the delayed reply, Mick

  1. Where do you meet for the Ormeau and Woodvale walks? I would be interested in attending do I need to bring anything? How long are the walks? Thanks for you help with this.

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