Walking on the EARTH is the real miracle.

Dear friends,

we have been offering these ‘Mindful Walks’ for nearly a year. The project was initially planned for one year and 80 walks. Our next walk will be number 80! However in a personal capacity I Mick McEvoy have the aspiration to continue to offer Mindful Walks across our beautiful city and countryside. These will be less frequent than before as my personal time allows.

Walk on earth

I am delighted to announce that we have two upcoming events for you to attend. On Friday March 6th I will be offering a mindful walk in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast. QUB are celebrating ‘Climate Week’ on this week. This mindful walk will begin with an introduction on how the practice of mindfulness and specifically mindful walking can help us reconnect with the earth beneath our feet. Mother Earth. I will also share how the practice of mindfulness can help us reconnect with how we choose to live our lives on this earth. How we live, how we consume has a direct impact on this earth, this planet we all share, this earth we call home.

We will meet in front of the Palm House in the Botanic Gardens at 1.10pm for a 30/40 minute walk. Please dress for all weathers (warm and waterproofed and have comfortable shoes/boots for walking on the grass).

The next planned mindful walk excites me very much. This is the first walk I will be offering independently for free in my own time. I always thought that a mindful walk in the Ulster Museum would be a great thing to do. Circumstances have come to together to enable me to do just that….offer you a chance to walk mindfully amongst the dinosaurs, mummies and world class art.

On Sunday 22nd March at 10.30am we will meet in the lobby of the Ulster Museum in Botanic Gardens. I will give an introduction to the practice of mindfulness and mindful walking. Then we will walk together, flowing as a river. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, no longer in a hurry. We will walk slowly together through some of the treasured artefacts, enjoying each step. We will visit some of the art galleries within the museum and stop, rest and enjoy these splendid works of art. Coming back to our breath, coming back to our body. When we enjoy the art we can look deeply and see the artist creating these beautiful pieces of art hanging on these walls now for us to enjoy.

This walk will end with us walking slowly out into the Botanic Gardens and enjoying (hopefully) the blue sky, the sunshine and the bird song. The Ulster Museum has kindly offered to provide us with tea and coffee for after the walk. I hope you can join me.

No experience of mindfulness is necessary for you to attend and all are welcome.

Every walk is offered in silence and we ask you to respect that.

Also another exciting announcement….Dear friends, I invite you to join me for a special FREE workshop where we will explore and practice the “Mindfulness of cooking and eating”. As many of you will know we can practice Mindfulness throughout our day bringing our mindful energy to the activity that we are engaged in. This can be washing our face, our teeth, showering or even using the toilet first thing in the morning. The practice of mindfulness can be very deep when we reconnect with our food. How the food is produced, how we prepare it and when we explore the practice of mindfulness with how we eat. We can reconnect with our bodies and the earth from which our food is produced in a nourishing and refreshing manner.

I invite you join me for a three hour workshop to explore our relationship with our food and how we eat all centred through the practice of mindfulness.

Saturday, March 7 and Saturday 21st March 2015
10:15 AM to 1:30 PM
Groundwork Northern Ireland
63-75 Duncairn Gardens, BT15 2GB, Belfast

Places are strictly limited and on a first come first served basis. Please email me to book a space at michaelmcevoy@groundworkni.co.uk

All food will be vegan.

Be well, Mick.


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